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Server Name: RIN.ru Counter-Strike Server
Servers addresses: cs.rin.ru:27015 CSDM-Classical: cs.rin.ru:27016, cs.rin.ru:27017, cs.rin.ru:27018 Public servers CS 1.6; cs.rin.ru:27019, cs.rin.ru:27020 CW CS 1.6; cs.rin.ru:27050 HLTV-1, cs.rin.ru:27051 HLTV-2

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RIN.ru Counter-Strike Server.

Something about RIN.ru Counter-Strike Servers and about Counter-Strike:

Ok, let's go:
  • What is Counter-Strike (CounterStrike, CS) all about?

  • Counter-Strike is a modification (MOD) to the excellent game, Half-Life. It modifies the multiplayer aspects of Half-Life to bringto it a more team-oriented gameplay. But often people play out of team, that's why there are a number of maps such as fy_iceworld, fy_pool_day available as well as numerous MODs for single playing and other entertainments. Everyone who is bored with team-playing may relax on one of the Internet servers, as team is the last thing gamers remember of there. Though we are trying to support team-oriented game on our server cs.rin.ru:27015 and 27017, sometimes it's hard to do. So if you really want to play in a team, appoint the time with other gamers and go to our CW server cs.rin.ru:27016 ;)
    As far as servers have been concerned, I'll give the brief characteristic to each of them:
    RIN.ru Counter-Strike Server (cs.rin.ru:27015): a standard CS server with rather good players and often single players.
    RIN.ru Counter-Strike Server 3 (cs.rin.ru:27017): an extension of the first server, classic Counter-Strike too.
    RIN.ru Counter-Strike server 2 (cs.rin.ru:27020): a server, where you can get relaxed from classic CS and have fun . You may also look for information about SuperHeroMod in other Forum directories, it was discussed quite often :)
    RIN.ru CW server (cs.rin.ru:27016): server for team-playing, for details see the next answer.
    RIN.ru Counter-Strike 1.6 server (cs.rin.ru:27018): a server for CS 1.6. See also
  • What MODs are there on your server and where can I get the informationabout certain updates?

  • You may see the setups of servers and people, playing at the moment, here: Monitoring.
    To see the information about all updates visit our forum.
  • I've heard that you hold championships. How can I participate, and how can I see the results?

  • It's true, we do hold championships, to get the information on them make sure to visit our forum, Championship.
  • I'd like to conduct a clan war or training. Can I do it on your server?

  • There is a special server for it: cs.rin.ru:27016, see the forum, CW Server. a132.ron.ru
  • Is it possible to submit the map to your server?

  • Yes, it is possible. Though I can't promise that it will appear in map-cycle, but we will add the ability to vote for using your map. To submit a map create the subject on the forum or contact our tech admin and specify complete URL of the archived map. If you've done everything correct your map will be added the next day.
  • I'd like to download the map. I can't find it anywhere, may be you have got it?

  • Our server contains more than 1800 maps, each of them is available for downloading. You can always view all the server maps available for voting, see map list (don't mix with map cycle). You can find the map you are interested in from, for example, the directory Maps in Stats, or from Stats directory of the particular map (click download). For example, to download the map fy_pool_day, go here, or to the fy_pool_day downloading page at once.
    All the maps are archived by ZIP with maximum compression. Archive contains the complete map, some of them contain waypoints.
  • I have problems with admins and their actions!!

  • Than you should leave a message in the directory Complaints about the forum admins. But do remember, that your complaint must have grounds, i.e. you have to give proofs such as print-screens, demos with unworthy behaviour of the admin, or name of the current log-file? or specify the exact date when it was recorded, and the server.)
  • How can I register my nick or clan on the server, so that nobody could use it without the password?

  • I have reserved my nick, and now I cannot get into the server. What should I do with the password?

  • Redacted
  • I want to play Counter-Strike 1.6. Have you got the corresponding server for it? Can I download CS 1.6?

  • Yes, of course, we do! Here it is: cs.rin.ru:27018, cs2.rin.ru:27018.
    You can download Counter-Strike 1.6 (no steam patch) here: download Counter-Strike 1.6 (without steam patch or full version, no cd key).
  • Can I have admin access to the servers? I really-really want it!

  • The rights of the cs admin are NOT on SALE !
  • Such a funny story happened to me on the server, please, post it on your forum.

  • Welcome to our forum.
    We are planning to create the corresponding section, and probably your story will appear there one of the first ;)
  • Why didn't you say about:?

  • We've just intended to make your navigation and life easier :) the most frequently asked questions from the forum will be placed here.